Musical Instruments

  • Old junk Drumkit
    This is actually a lovely '60's pearl double bass rock kit that I rescued from a high school loft and have fully restored.
    I decided to airbrush it to look like it was made out of junk, wood grained one bass drum and the middle tom (and set fire to it), and made the high tom to look as if it was made out of an old oil drum.
    Two drums to go!
  • Kellie's Cello
    Brad wanted to really surprise his girlfriend for Xmas 2010.
    Kellie used to play cello,so he went and bought a new cello for her and asked me to customise it.
    Bright red and a whole heap of butterflies and an awesome 2pac clear finish from Grant at "The Polish Shop" this is how it looks.
    Kellie was rapt!!!!
  • Billy Gibbons Guitar
    Set myself a mission to buy a guitar, paint artwork and hopefully meet him when he came to NZ.

    Mission accomplished!!!

    Great guy, very complimentary, I was still buzzing weeks after!

    It's now in my collection!!!!!
    Now I live my days waiting for the ph call to paint one of his awesome collection... now that would be a buzz!!
  • Bill Ward's brand new Fomi Telemaster
    This hand made guitar was crafted by Bill Ward ( Fourfours and Human Instinct bands, Hot rodder and Bonneville Salt Flats World speed record holder)
    I applied the sunburst paint scheme, and had the pleasure of hearing him play it at the BOP Blues Festival June 2010
    It sounds at least as good as it looks!!!!
  • Jayden's Pink Floyd Peavey
    Enjoyed doing this for 11 year old Napier busker Jayden, as I am a big Floyd fan
  • Caleb's 60's Jansen Guitar
    Was owned by his bass playing father, we refurbished it and as he was a big Ben Harper fan I painted the this image referenced from a cd cover, but used a real fire pattern instead of the cd cover fire image. Gave it to him as a wedding present
  • Ken's Bass Guitar
    Bass Guitar painted for Ken Kimi, great guy, great bass player, and devout christian, hence the christian theme.
    It was my pleasure to paint this as a surprise for Ken, a great guy, awesome bass player, and I know he will enjoy it!
  • Mike's Bass Guitar
    A bass guitar painted for Mike who is a Che Guavera 'Nut'
    Put the Cuban flag fluttering in the background, and the time honoured Che image in the forground
  • Simons Polynesian Hulk Ibanez guitar
    Ibanez guitar painted to Simon's requirements. Which were-

    Polynesian Hulk look with curly hair, small goatee beard, shark tooth necklace, over - emphasised muscles, tribal arm tattoos, yellow lavalava with red flowers and Jandals. He must be carrying a machete in his right hand and a hachet in his left, and be surrounded in blue electric fire!

    This is the result