• One of my favourite old  murals
    One of my favourite murals from "the old days", an Award Winning, Frank Frazetta inspired fantasy mural on the side of a customised Escort Van for Reg
  • Award winning
    Bryce Wilkinson's T Bucket, ‘Stormbringer'. Red metallic base, black Artwork and multi coloured pearl overlays. Warren also painted Stormbringer 2, another award winning car
  • Maurice Hipperson's Shady Lady 1 Funny car
    Maurice Hipperson's Shady Lady 1 Funny car. Painted in white Pearl with candy stripes
  • Maurice Hipperson's shady Lady 2
    This was one of the first low slung funnies to run in NZ. It was a great looking car and Morrie didnt find out till some years after that the Track Photographers voted it as most photogenic car for the 3 years he ran it.
    Painted in Metallics.
    Artwork on bonnet was a guess as it was put on before the car even ran!
  • National award winning
    Originally painted for Brent Pascoe mid to late '70's

    Won the national van show paint award and Top Van
    Painted in wildfire violet, iridescent panelling and detailed murals.

    These pics show re-painted murals for front and rear for new owner five years later.
  • Pete Goldsworthy's 34 coupe
    Claimed by NZ Hot Rod Magazine editor Rob Campbell as the best trad flame job seem on a NZ car, this was one horny coupe!!