• Countess of Monte Carlo Alcohol Funny Car
    Greg Price has been building this for years .. I received the body in a white basecoat and it took an estimated 300 hours to paint all the colours and do all the artwork .. PPG Basecoat . system all sponsored by PPG . All the artwork is airbrushed!
    Robs Autospray ( Rotorua) handled the clear and finishing..
    The gambling theme is due to Drag Racing being a gamble and its a Chev Monte Carlo body.. Cant wait to see it on the racetrack !!!!!
  • Taranaki Motorhome
    Two weeks of big hours to airbrush about 40 sg metres of "The mythology of the Phoenix" for Mark and Julie, a lovely couple from Taranaki, NZ. The story moves from the left front with the Phoenix slowly "dying, then rising from the ashes, flying away
  • Neil's Nissan Tailgate
    Neil's Nissan is called Riders on the storm and he loves horses, so here is his tailgate.
  • Shaun Loves Tigers! He has Tatts all over to represent family and he wanted a Tiger exploding out of the water airbrushed on his '71 Ford Torino bonnet.
    Very cool Car and a cool guy, so it was my pleasure to do this work.
  • Beach Hop Truck Flames
    This truck was given away to a lucky punter at BEACH HOP 2011.
    Organiser, Noddy asked Geno in Taupo to panel, paint and reassemble.
    Geno asked me to design, mask and airbrush the flames on his beautiful black base, (he also sprayed the yellow pearl and awesome 2pac clear).
    We had a ball doing it, then The Amazing Charlie Allen pinstriped the flames.
    A great team effort for one lucky person!!!
    Thanks for all the great FACEBOOK feedback
  • Brand New Drag Race Car build
    This is the dash from Dave Packers NEW Race Car - Full Metal Jacket 2.
    Full Metal Jacket was a Holden Monaro that Dave built and successfully raced a few years ago.
    FMJ 2 is a Holden Torana GTR XU1 which Dave is making an outstanding job of building.
    The dash is handmade and he has chosen a wicked "peel back" paint look, which will also be the full car paint scheme.
    Everything you see here is airbrushed!!! including the GTR sign, the "gas axed XU1", and the "hex head machine screws"
  • Stockcar Woodgrained Dash
    Ray is doing a total rebuild on his Stockcar.
    First thing to do was to airbrush the welded alloy dashboard with a burred Walnut look (ala Jaguar)
    Now looks like his dash was carved from one peice of wood!!!!
  • Kirsty Gerlach Hearing Honda Woodie
    Rotorua Hearing clinic Kirsty Gerlach hearing wanted their advertising to stand out, so decided to change their Honda CRV wagon to a California Woodie complete with surfboard to attract attention, and it sure does that now!!!
    Painted woodgrain panels on sides complete with coachbolts and woodframing, then woodgrained the old Kneeboard.
    Before artwork pic at bottom
  • Dianne and Owen Barlow's '39 Chev trunk lid
    Gandolf in action with his army defending the castle with his mighty "chev powered sword" now fills half this great big "canvas".
    Well known hot rodders Owen and Dianne wanted to pep up the look of their cool 'chev so wanted Gandolf put on the trunk.

    They had previously tried other airbrush painters who couldn't seem to get to grips with their ideas.

    They had the lid back on the car 10 days after they dropped it off to me - all done and everybody happy.
    Net Folks-Enjoyed job
  • Carol's wicked little
    Carols always wanted a "different" car , preferably a convertible and with artwork on, Dragons and Angels for a start!

    So she bought the car, found two drawings of angels, then found my website and the fact she lives 300 kms away didnt stop her from putting it all together

    When she picked the car up she said it was "more than she expected" and " looks "far better than the (progress) pics"

    New Plymouth will never be the same!!
  • Ron's cool customised VW Beetle dashboard
    Ron wanted a sunset surf scene on the dash of this beatifully customised Porsche powered Vee Dub Rocketship.
    Looked good with the dash filled and moulded

    Pic taken before clear applied .
  • Mazda RX3 Show car Bonnet
    This was an image of his lovely wife that Ben wanted me to airbrush on his showcar bonnet. Photos taken before 2pac clear went on

    I enjoy doing portraits in silver tones, the result is a really graphic look. I look forward to seeing this on the showcar circuit!!
  • Chris Tynan's Doorslammer
    "Chrome look" grill, sidelights, bumper and side trim painted on fibreglass
    on this beautifully crafted '55 Chev Doorslammer Drag Race Car

    Yes folks - They 'aint real, they are all painted on!!! Only the headlights are the real thing

    Check out the coverpage and article in Jan 09 issue of NZV8 Magazine
  • Airbrushed Subaru Bonnet
    Demonstration Subaru bonnet, black Basecoat, with 'freeform flames', sort of in-between standard graphic flames and 'realfire', done freehand with no stencils. Very hard to take photo without reflections due to very high gloss of 2Pak finish, straight off the gun, no cutting or polishing! Thanks to Craig Smith for clear!
  • Bill Ward's Kiwi-A-Salt Bonneville Race Car
    Car Built for Bonneville Speedweek 2008 Painted in Black Basecoat, Artwork all in silver and House of Kolor Ice Pearl in 2pac clear

    Bill Finally Got his Record!!!!
  • Airbrushed Lancer Bonnet
    This airbrushed Mitsi lancer bonnet won Runner-up Award at the House of Kolor Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Show National Competition Round 2, January 2008, and is now For Sale
  • Nostalgia Motors
    Design and all artwork by Warren Houston at “Customs Department”.
    Body Preparation, red base, clear and polishing all by Craig “ Splitpin” Houston.
    Painted in Resene Acrylic Lacquer
  • Airbrushed Skyline Bonnet
    This airbrushed bonnet won Runner-up Award at the House of Kolor Big Boys Toys National Airbrush Competition, November 2007
    Airbrushed Fantasy bonnet based on artwork of 70s American artist Frank Frazetta.
    Hard to photograph detail due to high gloss from 2 Pak clear
  • 55 Chev Front
    Fibreglass 55 Chev front painted for outside wall over main entrance at Noel McMillan's Nostalgia Motors Workshop in Hamilton. Chrome effects and "Real Fire"
  • Rick and Sue Dunn's '32 Tudor
    This car has won many awards, including Top car and Top Custom Paint at the Pre 49 Nationals 4 days after the paint was first applied,and it still wins awards almost a decade later!! Rick and friends built it in a Californian lakes highboy racer style with dump pipes, front mount gas tank etc, and wanted a "long lickey flame style' to compliment the red lacquer applied by Mark Dufty.
    The flames are pinstriped in magenta and shaded.