• TA2 Thailand Helmet
    Painted for Asian TransAm 2 series owner/driver Craig Corliss, an expat Kiwi ....
  • Bianca Russell's (Blacksticks Womens Goalkeeper) 2012 Olmpic Games
    I painted this 2 weeks before the team left for the Olympics.Totally Bianca's requested scheme,"Keep the carbon fibre look, subtle, real looking silver fern etc..Boy did it work?!! Well done Bianca! You are awesome!!!
  • James Dahm's Sprint Car Helmet
    James is a Tokoroa based Sprint Car driver who has won several features in his first 3 or 4 seasons in his Sprint Car.

    He wanted something really different and had some very definite ideas. I really enjoyed doing this because it was so different.

    I really enjoy it when people try to feel the chains but they are only airbrushed!!!

    He was really rapt with the result. I hope it makes him go faster !!
  • HJC Wet Weather Helmet for Jake!!!
    Jake liked his first helmet paint job so much that he didn't want to get it wet, LOL, SO... we painted his wet weather helmet with a new scheme. He deserved it, He won nearly every meeting, and took the championship again!!!!
    Problem is he now has a job deciding which one to wear as he thinks both are "really cool" and he has now stepped up a class!
    GO JAKE.
    Scroll down to see right around this crazy scheme
  • Taylor Harte's Karting Helmet
    Taylor is a real nice young fella.... he races in the Junior restricted class in NZ Karting, and is considered a future champ in the making!! This was based on a scheme he put together with his favourite colours... Good Luck Taylor... Go Hard Man.. Pics taken after clear finish ( thanks Warren @ Auto Restorations) but before fittings on..
  • Hilary's Hot helmet
    Hilary Dahm requested a Violet marbleised helmet with rippled and shredded Chequered and NZ flag on sides, with lightning going over helmet to light up a neon (nick)name sign on rear. She got it!!! Go well Hilz
  • Ethans 2011 Kart Helmet
    This is this seasons paint scheme on Ethan's helmet. We have "grown" last years theme with rusty panels with 'gas axed" numbers etc, and his favourite cartoon character driving his kart.
  • Jake's Helmet
    Jacob Smith is an Auckland Karting's uprising Star, and a really pleasant young lad, with a passion for his sport!
    At age 11, he had just been awarded Most Improved Rookie of the year and Junior Restricted Most Improved Awards amongst many other trophies this season.
    He wanted his new helmet painted in the style of Robert Kubica's ( F1 )2009 helmet, but with a Kiwi theme
    Here is the result, Go well Dude!!!
  • Ethan's Kart Helmet
    Ethan is a future Champion in the making, and he had strict ideas on how his brand new helmet had to look "very NZ / Kiwi".

    Great little fellow and I wish him well.

    Painted in GPI basecoat and 2pac clear.

    All masking graphics designed and cut at Customsdept
  • Superstock driver Scott's brainbox
    Scott's ambition is to wear the nz1 plate this year, and he wants to do it in style.
    This was a fun project to airbruah, as he wanted his brainbox to show what makes him TICK (literally)
    Thanks Scott, and Good luck!!!
  • Full Face Helmet Chilly Bins
    Great present for Birthday, Xmas, Congratulations etc
    Normal Full face helmet size holds 6-7 cans or stubbie bottles
    Use our shopping basket to order your personal helmet!
  • Kook's MX Helmet
    Surprise helmet paint job for "Kook"
    He didn't know it but he even asked for the colours!!
  • Nathan's Hard Hat
    My friend Nathan wanted something done to make his Hard Hat (construction helmet) to look different.
    So here's what he got!!
  • Garth's Competition Fireman's Helmet
    Garth Is one of these crazy fireman who run up to the top of multi story buildings "just to see if you can do it the quickest"
    Seriously these guys are very fit and we are lucky to have them safguarding us!!
    Shows NZ flag, stairs and his flamin' nickname
  • Andy's Mini7 Helmet
    A 2009 Santa surprise for Mini 7 driver Andy, well from his wife actually!!

    He is English, hence the Union Jack and the silver flash on the sides relates to a little miniature motor racing driver models helmet that Andy thinks is cool, and i agree

    Go Well Andy
  • Jake's BMX skidlid
    Jake is a cool young dude who is riding into top placings at Local and National BMX Meets

    So his mum and Dad felt he deserved a flash new helmet for Xmas 2009

    Boy I bet you do a lot of winning now Jake

    Go well Dude!!!
  • Mini Sprint Drivers Helmet
    Nigel wanted team colours orange and green ( He works for RD1) as the base, liked the idea of realfire, and had to have his surname on the sides (regulation size)

    He decided it would be cool to have the nickname his nieces call him on the helmet as well

    Here is the Result!!!
  • Helicopter Pilot Helmet
    Helmet for Taranaki Chopper Pilot. (Nickname AHA, so airbrushed that in driftwood).

    Wanted Ace of Spades and Nickname on visor and Yosemite Sam on the rear.

    Enjoyed airbrushing this as it reminded me of my days in the R.N.Z.A.F. on #3 (Helicopter) Squadron
  • Top Alchohol Funny Car driver Helmet
    Helmet for Morice McMillan and his Funny Car
  • O.S.C.A.Driver's Helmet for car being built
    Helmet for un-named driver as car is being built.

    Marbleised Blue and candy, yellow and Gold Candy, basically the race car colours.
    Magpie is his 'Nickname" and the Grease monkey is his trade.
  • Warlord driver Kevin Murphy's helmet
    Rear view - Wasn't allowed to mess with the rest of the helmet.

    Helmet must be bright Orange ( Safety Rules)

    Freaks out the guy being towed on the ski behind the boat ( NZ record holders)

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