• Grant and Lisa's Volvo
    Grant had two previous trucks done in the same theme, my turn this time. Shark one side, Striped Marlin on other, both leaping out of water. Thanks to Dale and Mark @ Transvisual Collision Repair shop, Wiri
  • Jake's Ta Moko Freightliner
    Jake brief was to display his and his family history, so I copied is Ta Moko ( tattoo from his arm onto a woodgrain background and included his (tribal) meeting house, mountain, his boys and his nephew.
  • Nahele Wesa (Forest Cat)
    Macka's third logger truck, show his passion for all things re Native American. Last "Red Indian" image I did was around 20 years ago, so enjoyed this!
    Base coat, stripes, and clear by Doreen @ MB Century Surface Coatings, Taupo NZ. Nice job Doreen!
  • Maca's Brand New
    Maca wanted the ghost rider image on both sides of the sleeper cab on his brand new Kenworth Log Hauler
    The chrome cab scoop made it an awkward layout, but we got around it.
    Thanks to the team at Fleet Image Services in Te Awamutu, Waikato, N.Z. for the facilities and support.
  • Filthy Cat Log Hauler
    This seasoned Kenworth needed repairs after an incident with a loader.
    So the owner decided to change the artwork as part of a full respray.
    Requirements were to have the tiger look real and agressive, and have the head of a real looking (Mack) bulldog in it's powerful paw