A Commission work for my pal Harri to hang on the wall opposite his portrait of Tazio Nuvolari I had painted earlier for his apartment at Hampton Downs Motor Race Circuit. It is 3.6 metres long x 1 metre high, painted in Auto paint silvers and blacks on Signboard. Harri wanted an old black and white photo look, but with Tazio in his actual race colours on the day, and the numbers on the cars in colour, as they race through Mclean's corner early in the race, one of the Little Master's greatest

Two left hand panels showing Tazio Nuvolari leading the race before his pit stop to change spark plugs, re-entering the race in 6th place to come through the field and win by over 1 and a half minutes

Right hand panel (0f 3) showing Muller ( Auto Union) and the two Merc drivers trying to keep up with the "Little Master"

This is a full colour photo!!,   Ranch Sliders are to the left to look out over Hampton Downs Motor Race Track, N. Z.

View from Mural showing Tazio portrait that I airbrushed  about a year before

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