• NZ bush mural in Rotorua business foyer
    Painted in about 2 weeks using PPG house paint ,,, 7 metres x 3 metres...
  • Rotorua thermal wonderland Steam and Mud
    I was honoured to be selected to be one of eight muralists to attend the Rotorua Mural Symposium in Nov 2017...
    It was a fantastic week long experience, working alongside 7 amazing artists ....
    This is my work entirely airbrushed using Resene paint on 5 mtr x 2.5 mtr ACM panel ... now mounted in an alley way next to Mcleods Bookshop, Pukuatua St Rotorua
  • Starlight Theatre ... Taupo Superhero Mural
    Painted and Airbrushed over 3 months (weather dependent) Taking 130 hours...completed March 2015.. Thanks to Glenn Mcleary @ Redspot Design (concept) and friends Dave and Jan Nixon (daily project support)... Also Taupo Town Centre and Access Hire Taupo.
  • Mish Mash Tv Studio mural
    Airbrushed this backdrop mural on the studio wall for Central TV Mish Mash kid's tv show. Theme is me airbrushing the programme logo on the wall and the kids have come in to put on their twist in form of positive graffiti. Had a heap of fun doing it
  • Bluelight BBQ Trailer
    Police supported Youth Support Group "Bluelight" had a new steel BBQ trailer built and asked me to Airbrush a wacky scheme. I woodgrained and planked the entire thing then "set fire" to it.
    I wanted eyes peering out the rear, it was their idea to have a pig bursting out the back LOL
  • TV Rotorua Studio Backdrop
    Airbrushed the original backdrop about 12 months ago . We decided we needed to "change the scene a little" so I airbrushed in a different time of day look, ( just on sunset)
  • Monaco Grand Prix tryptich
    Full details in Artwork (Auto Art) section
  • ' NEW
    Rotorua has an annual fun art Competition Called Fish out of water, when around a dozen One Metre long fibreglass Salmon are Worked on and exhibited.
    Glen from Rotorua's Redspot Art Gallery Asked me to join him and Eugene to produce this effort entitled "Stanley goes fishing"
    Eugene is carving a big wave for the fish to be surfing down the face.
    A lot of fun
  • Wearable Creations (Rotorua ) Garment
    The Garment was designed by policeman Rob Tier for the BlueLight entry in the 2010 Wearable Creations Show
    Rob glued 6500, yes 6500 breadbag tags on the surface of the coat which I then airbrushed with the theme of youth saving our beautiful, but threatened, planet Earth, from being killed by pollution!!
    Also airbrushed the lining, undergarments and boots with an erupting mountain and lava flow , and all skin with an Avatar look that was being eroded away and bleeding down the arms.
  • Lounge Ceiling
    Biggest job done so far in my 35 year career.
    This took 6 full days to change an all one colour lounge room (walls and high pitched ceiling, 4 metres high) to this.
    Firstly, I woodgrained the entire ceiling, then painted the hole to show the sky, then the Concorde flying,then the portrait of "Inspector Morse" investigating from the roof.
    The cable going the the light fitting was next and lastly, the smoking and charred flue exit. Original lounge pics at bottom of page.
  • T.V. Rotorua Newsdesk Backdrop
    T.V. Rotorua commissioned me to airbrush this 8 metre x 2.4 metre sunset over Rotorua backdrop on the existing blank wall behind the newsdesk.
    It was several days work but the result has been a lot of positive feedback and now every programme recorded / shown has my artwork behind it.
  • Stage Backdrop for a Blues Festival
    The Rotorua Bluesfeast is an annual summer event in Rotorua NZ, which incorporates an 8 hours blues concert and a food beer and wine festival

    The organising committee commisioned me to produce a themed backdrop, so I had a 7 metre long canvas made and airbrushed a brick wall with a blues concert happening inside, viewed through a " window"

    Being a Musician, I wanted to introduce a little humour and education so I did the appropriate Graffiti on the wall
  • Mark and Penny's New Baby's Bedroom
    Mark and Penny wanted to welcome their new little man into a bright and wonderful world, decided to make the room full of life, what a way to go!!

    The biggest problem was choosing which characters not to use- there were heaps left out!

    The ceiling is a full night sky with stars and comets etc

    A very satisfying commission and a lot of fun
  • Ross's Surfboard
    Rossco had almost finished making his own surfboard and wanted it to look different with an "ugly" fish (a hapuka) on top, with a greenish water look around the edges, and we went for an old Rimu "dunny" door look on the bottom.

    I enjoy getting the real wood look with my "woodgraining technique" and can achieve accurate reproduction of most woods.

    Board was etch primed, primer filled, base colours, artwork, all in Spies Hecker Product

    These pics taken before final resin coat
  • Moto X trailer
    MotoX trailer for Darren's Kid's Race bikes

    Alloy trailer rear door woodgrained to look like wooden tailgate. Helmeted Skull on front.
    Sides to be completed soon.
    Look back here the end of May 2010
  • Western Saloon Conference Theme Set
    Western Saloon Set for Action NZ, a Rotorua based Conference Company

    All airbrushed on FLAT PLYWOOD PANELS, 2400mm x 1200mm, all bolt together to form the set. Painted in waterbase acrylic (House Paint)

    They could not believe we could achieve such a "real, 3d look"
  • Tree and Forest theme Shop
    Hand carved trees from polystyrene, 3m high with artificial leaves, airbrushed sky and clouds on the ceiling inside. Murals behind mini forest. All outside 'tree' signage airbrushed.
    Pebble path layed through 'forest'.
    This was a very complex commission with extremely satisfying results!
  • Space Bar theme mural
    Theme party room at Megazone Lasertag, Mt Wellington Auckland NZ.
    Owners wanted a 'space bar' theme, so we ended up with this, - The "Mars Bar"