• Keith Richards in all his glory! Painted on a 900 x 600 canvas board using PPG Envirobase
  • Jimi Hendrix portrait for Holly's partner Jimi
    This is an airbrushed portrait I did from an image that I had never seen before.

    Holly, a lovely young woman from Auckland contacted me to see if I would Airbrush it for her so she could give it to her fiance for his 21st birthday.

    It turned out that his name is Jimi and he is a huge JIMI Fan, as am I, so with all that in mind I did it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I delivered it to Holly and she was stoked, Hope you two are still enjoying this!
  • Portrait on RX 2 Showcar bonnet
    This was an image of his lovely wife, Amanda, that Ben wanted me to airbrush on his showcar bonnet. Photos taken before 2pac clear went on

    I enjoy doing portraits in silver tones, the result is a really graphic look. The completed car was shown at the 2010 Rotary and 4's National Show circuit
  • King Of Pop
    A truly outstanding talent sadly died too young!!
    Very hard to find good reference pics taken before the surgeons ruined his face.
    Again... charcoal ink on paper 900mm x 600mm
  • Eric Clapton in a pensive mood on the
    This portrait was airbrushed for a loving wife to give to her Clapton fan musician husband, as his Xmas gift.

    It is airbrushed with auto paint on alloy signboard, and is approx 1200mm x 600mm.

    I enjoyed doing this piece as I thought the reference image was particularly good, showing him in a really pensive mood.

    I am a huge fan of his and I enjoyed attempting to put a soul into this work.

    It was difficult to take a clear photo of this very graphic work due to surface reflection
  • Stevie ...The Wonder
    Another "arty Celeb Portrait" painted "live" in front of the crowd at the local Mall.
    The big worry is the ink is transparent on white paper so it is " Sudden Death".... no error corrections if you make even the tiniest mistake!!
    Great reference pic!
  • Portrait of famous '30's Race car driver Tazio Nuvolari
    A portrait of the Great Italian 30's Race Car Driver, which was commisioned to hang in Nuvolari Italian Restaurant in Rotorua N.Z. Great food at reasonable pricing.
    1200mm x 1200mm painted in auto paint on aluminium sign board

    The frame is actually not there - it is airbrushed woodgrained
  • Different Tazio Nuvolari for another 'Fan'
    Fun to do a second portrait of Tazio. But this was quite different, very similar from chin up, but must be wearing his famous lucky yellow ribbed, turtle neck sweater instead of his greatcoat, his gold turtle on his chest, his Italian national colours neck scarf, and his leather racing jerkin.

    Harri also wanted a black "woodgrained" frame painted around his reveered race car driving hero!

    This Tazio now looks out from Harri's apartment across the brilliant Hampton Downs Motor Race Circuit
  • Anthony
    I did this portrait of Anthony for his lovely mum Mary as a project on Tony Vowles' Airbrush Venturi Advanced course learning how to do "Supermarket Mall Arty Portraits in transparent Sepia tones".
    This was my first effort.
  • Ghost Rider
    Airbrushed demo panel of the Ghost Rider Image done at Airbrush Venturi Custom Graphics 2 Course. Really enjoyed this. It really teaches how to do "TRUE" + "REAL FIRE" properly.
    Image on a 850mm x 400mm steel panel.

    I used a black basecoat, four colours and minor use of candys for depth.
  • Sandra Bullock
    SANDRA...... What more do I need to say except YUMMMM!!!
  • James Dean
    Did this "arty portrait" of the Rebel on Tony Vowles' Airbrush Venturi Advanced Course. Tony wanted to show me how to move in a different direction to photorealism and go to a more "arty " style
    It was a major shift but a lot of fun, very satisfying
  • Jimi Hendrix portraits
    Jimi Hendrix - The Man!

    Over the years I have done several portraits of this man. He is a legend in my eyes.

    So, first a young Jimi, then a little older, then Jimi in action
  • Pensive Jimi..The King of rock
    Painted 5 versions of this image over this summer in the Mall.
    He is such a cool looking dude, But I am anti smoking so I removed the ciggie from the image
  • Airbrushed lots of "Celebrity Pics" over Summer 2011-2012 at the local Mall, in between airbrushing Family and friend portraits. Really liked this early Elvis image
    Charcoal ink on 900mm x 600mm 90gsm Paper
  • Janis Joplin
    Portrait of the great Janis Joplin, Another great blues singer.
    She, Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, were 27 when they died, tragic, but not surpising, losses.

    Acrylic lacquer on Metal, 900mm x 400mm
  • Arnie as The Terminator
    Airbrush rendering of The Terminator done during the third week of the "Airbrush Venturi "course, the course I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn airbrushing. See the 'links' page on this site!

    This is airbrushed on metal using Basecoat and uses extensive "texturing" techniques it is 800mm high x 600mm wide.
  • Jennifer Lopez
    A friend suggested I airbrushed Jaylo.
    I dont know her music but she sure is a beautiful woman!!!
    Airbrush ink on 90gsm paper, 900mm x 600mm
  • Marilyn
    I guess all Celeb albums should have a portrait of the beautiful Marilyn, so here's my "arty version" (not Photorealistic) painted live in the Mall lots watching on and often asking weird questions
  • Baby Dinasours for Grandchild
    A very proud Grannie-to-be asked me to paint two dinasours to match the beautiful quilt she has made for her first grandchild-to-be. These are both one metre high x 500 wide
    Painted in auto paint on mdf
  • Justin Bieber portrait for N Z's greatest Fan
    Kim is one of my drumming pupils and "the worlds biggest Justin fan" so for her 13th birthday she wished for a portrait of him. This is what she got, and was thrilled to bits.
    800mm x 600mm Auto paint on canvas

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