• A commissioned work for a client who really liked an earlier, smaller version but wanted a larger canvas.
    So I changed the sky and kept the sailplane as was.
    Acrylic lacquer on canvas 760mm x 600mm
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk 9
    I have had a passion for aircraft since I was a child. I now have pleasure in airbrush painting portraits of these wonderful machines and would welcome commissions to bring your favourite to life.
    This is a Mk 9 Spitfire of the queens Flight in the U.K.
    Lacquer paint on canvas board 750mm x 600mm
    This is an award winning portrait and is in my private collection
  • P51 Mustang low level
    This is a large potrait of a P51d "The Cadillac of the Skies" flying over its home aifield at Hendon, England
    Lacquer paint on stretched canvas 1000mm x 800mm
  • F15 with wing condensation compression cloud
    A tight banking F15 creating this phenomenum over the upper wing surface that is often confused with the shock waves when breaking the sound barrier. Airbrushed in Lacquer paint on stretched canvas 600mm x 500mm
  • P51 Mustang
    A silohuette of one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built, as it flys home.

    Lacquer paint on stretched canvas 1000mm x 800mm
  • F16
    When I saw this image I just had to paint it. This photo was taken before the high gloss clear lacquer was applied, which gives the work huge depth and really enhances the metal look.

    Lacquer on Hardboard High gloss 2Pac clear finish 900mm x 700mm
  • F4U Corsair with Pacific sunset
    The R.N.Z.A.F. flew many of these fantastic aircraft in the Pacific during W.W.2.
    I wanted to capture the beauty of a Pacific sunset glowing around this great aircraft.

    Lacquer paint on stretched canvas 600mm x 500mm
  • Sailplane in big lift cloud
    When I first joined th R.N.Z.A.F. as a 16 year old, I was lucky enough to have 3 or 4 flights in a glider at Omaka airfield Blenheim, N.Z.
    I thoroughly enjoyed but unfortunately I couldnt afford to take it up as a sport.
    So here is my homage to a wonderful way of flying.

    Lacquer on canvas board 600mm x 500mm
  • P51 Mustang Climing out
    Painted as a commission for a very good friend, as a gift for his Dads *%th Birthday.

    Acrylic Lacquer on stretched canvas 650 x 450