• Joe's Bike Portrait
    My dear friends Dave and Flo asked me to do this portrait as a gift to their very close friend Joe in Taranaki NZ
    He spends most of the time on the back wheel of his custom Yamaha1000 road bike and of course he lives under my home mountain Mt Egmont (Taranaki) He was very moved when he received this. Ride on Joe!!!! 1100mm x 700mm Auto paints on Signboard
  • '38 Monaco Grand Prix tryptich
    A commission for a lovely English couple John and Celia, now spending a lot of time in N.Z. in their magnificent new home.
    A rainy day with the 'New type D' Auto Unions leading the type 125 Mercedes and the Alfas
    Painted in acrylic lacquer on three canvas's 1450mm sq, all black white silver and grey, red numbers on the silver cars.
    The brief required each canvas to be its own work but all three to come together as one.
  • Gary Racing His Kart - Birthday portrait
    Gary and Maxine are old friends of mine and I was delighted to be asked to do a portrait of Gary involved in his latest passion - Karting, - to celebrate his 50th Birthday.
    And yes it IS meant to read "PAY it safe".
    Auto paint on Alloy signboard (acm) 900mm x 450mm
    Many Happy Returns Buddy!!!
  • A Commission work for my pal Harri to hang on the wall opposite his portrait of Tazio Nuvolari I had painted earlier for his apartment at Hampton Downs Motor Race Circuit.
    It is 3.6 metres long x 1 metre high, painted in Auto paint silvers and blacks on Signboard.
    Harri wanted an old black and white photo look, but with Tazio in his actual race colours on the day, and the numbers on the cars in colour, as they race through Mclean's corner early in the race, one of the Little Master's greatest
  • Woody Woodcock's 'A' Woodie
    This awesome Rod had its debut at the NZHRA National Rod run at Rotorua, November '09

    It really caught my eye so I did a live airbrush auto portrait of the cowl and front part of the woodwork at the public Show and Shine.

    The vehicle owner, Woody, wanted to buy it before it was finished, but unfortunately it was being raffled so he bought 15 tickets, but he didnt win it!
    However, his buddy, who did win it, gave it to him
    It's now framed and lives in his home bar
  • Portrait of Alex and Jocelyn Hoggs Ford S.O.H.C.
    This commissioned work of this awesome racecar was a pleasure to do even though it required a lot of detail and accuracy, and therefore time, about 24 hours in fact.

    Done in Auto basecoat on signboard 800mm x 600mm and 2 pac clear coated

    I worked from a photo I took of the machine sitting in the pits at the 2009 Nostalgia Drags so I had to "fire up the motor and have it do a burnout"

    One of the beauties of airbrushing is you can virtually make any image do anything!!
  • Portrait of Victor and Ben Bray Racing
    Started this as a live airbrushing at the Nostalgia drags 2009 at Fram Dragway, Meremere . Both Guys signed even though I had not finished the work and I thank them sincerely for that!

    Put it up for auction and Craig from Tauranga was the lucky bidder.

    It is now framed and lives on his lounge wall.

    Painted in Basecoat on signboard, and is 1200mm x 600mm