• Family and Friend portraits..Rotorua Mall Summer 2011-12
    All Summer I have airbrushed Family Member and Friend portraits in the local Mall on my home city.
    This shows my presentation and work in progress. Almost all work took between 1 and a half and 2 and a half hours!!!
  • TV Rotorua frontperson Ashleigh's Portrait
    I started the Friends and Family portrait series "arty Style portraits" in the local Mall with this and used it in my advertising.
    Unfortunately Ash has left Rotorua for a new career
    Go Well Babe!!!
  • Linda and Sally
    A "Arty style" portrait airbrushed "live" at the Central Mall in my home city, of friend Sally and her sister Linda. Folks bring me photos of family members or friends and I airbrush portraits in front of the Mall crowd, live.Portraits 900mm x 600mm
  • Top rock vocalist, Jenny's family are long time friends, and her Dad asked me to paint this portrait of her having fun at a Hot Rod/ Rock and Roll Festival. It was my pleasure!!!
    Once again, painted 'live', one colour on paper, 900 x 600
  • Ben (my oldest grandson)
    Painted this as a surprise for his 9th birthday, he loves it!!!
    He really is a cool dude with a lovely smile