• Lake Rotorua  at dawn
    I painted this as a gift to great friends who used to live in Rotorua,
    This was the view from their house, and is now hanging in their wonderful new home near Blenhiem.
    1mtr x 750 airbrushed auto paints on canvas
  • I saw this little old broken down kids school bus shelter that appeared not to have been used for some time and it looked sad.

    Acrylic lacquer on stretched canvas, 600mm x 300mm
  • Blue Lake Rotorua N.Z.
    Acrylic laquer on stretched canvas, 800mm x 450mm
  • Promises, Promises
    This Drover's hut is well over 100 years old and is a well known icon in a field at the top of the Mamaku Ranges on the road between Hamilton and Rotorua.
    It is in the process of being restored, using licken covered native wood so as to keep its aged look.
    Probably most Rotorua residents think,"when you see this you are almost home"
    Titled Promises, promises, I felt it had the promise of a fine day arriving, but also a deeper feeling, of promises long past, that were not fulfilled
  • Taranaki Coastline
    I was raised in Taranaki and when i go back there it is 'going home'
    so this is to show the lovely coastline
    Painted in acrylic lacquer on stretched canvas 800mm x 600