• Vernon's Bluff Marlborough
    I travelled to the Classic Fighters Air show at Blenhiem at Easter and stayed with friends who live on the coast very near this bluff. This is the first of a series I will paint of this amazing scenery on a rough day.
    Gave to my Mum for her 87th birthday.
    800mm x650mm Auto paint on canvas
  • The Wave
    The first of a landscape / seascape series. Painted with acrylic lacquer basecoat on metal signboard 1100mm x 550mm it is of a wave at Sydney Heads, Sydney, Australia
  • Sunset at Maori Bay, Raglan
    A beautiful sunset on a calm summers evening at Raglan, N.Z. in 1986
    Acrylic lacquer on stretched canvas 1100mm x 800

    Now hangs in a friends house as a housewarming gift